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Justice, Equity, Diversity,
& Inclusion
for Fortune 500 Companies 

We transform anonymous employee survey data into accountability insights.

We rate and rank Fortune 500 companies based on their progress against their justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives using the voice of the employee as our primary input. Equitypulse also is a repository for employee ideas on how to improve in these crucial areas of business modernization. 

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Our Process

After registering, we only ask you to provide your company name and your function as well as responses to a variety of questions assessing the current state of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in your company as well as suggestions to improve in these areas. Once we have 50 responses for a given company we will publish the results for you to come back and comment and share to relevant stakeholders in your company.

*Registration details and responses are separated.

The survey tool is hosted on Alchemer.com to ensure anonymity.

Areas of Focus


​The work of identifying and righting past wrongs, eradicating unjust policies and procedures, and preventing future prejudices from denying everyone the right to live with full dignity.


​The work of appreciating and capitalizing on the differences between people to drive innovation and consistent high performance.


​The work of acknowledging privilege gaps and eliminating biases from key systems to enable access to opportunities and better standards of living and being for all. 


The work of accepting and embracing all identities by amplifying voices, seeking perspectives, and supporting different styles of living and being. 

Equitypulse is a product of Intent Consulting

Intent Consulting exists to enhance and strengthen the connection between the stated purpose of organizations and the actions taken to live that purpose.


On August 19, 2019, nearly 200 CEOs of America’s largest companies adopted a new Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation declaring that companies should deliver long-term value to all of their stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, the communities in which they operate, and shareholders. They signed the Statement as a better public articulation of their long-term focused approach and as a way of challenging themselves to do more.

With your inputs (the employees working for these companies), we can build some real accountability into the system and enable real lasting change.

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